View from top of mountain hike

Sharing Photos From My Trip to New Hampshire

It was a treat to visit my kids this Spring in New Hampshire. I was able to walk along some of the streets where I used to live and visit old landmarks. I had to make up for the two years since I’d traveled north. In March when I arrived a bit of snow remained, […]

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Pine tree along trail by McDowell Dam

Begin The Day With Movement, End the Day With Calm

I’ve been following the Keto Diet plan since August 2020. (Read about my Keto experience here.) I’ve been walking regularly for a couple of months and I should have done that sooner. Begin the day with movement to get the juices flowing. End the day with calm and relaxing activities like knitting and watching television. […]

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Walking Here While I Remember There

Walking is something I began doing when I lived in New Hampshire.  The scenery is really too lovely to ignore although the weather does not always cooperate.  It makes those nice days call louder to draw me outdoors. Now I am in Florida.  I like to imagine that I am still walking those New Hampshire […]

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winter snow at lake

Catching the Winter Sunrise

Some of the most beautiful moments of my days happened when sitting at the bus stop early in the morning on winter days. To enjoy seeing the sun coming up, I’d have to leave the house where too many trees kept me from seeing anything except a glimpse of orange far off. But at the […]

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My Thoughts on Trees and How They’ve Changed

I’ve always loved trees. They are just so amazing in many ways. But now that I live in a place where I have to burn firewood in winter, I look at trees differently. I look at a tree like the one pictured and think, “would that be great firewood or what?” Actually, I don’t know […]

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