Wording on my thrummed mittens

Knitting Thrummed Mittens With Bulky Yarn

Now that I have my yarn (Alafosslopi) and my roving I will be casting on to knit my first pair of thrummed mittens. I’ve been researching how to do this. On top of needing a thrum-making tutorial, I want to knit mittens with the side gore / gusset / and NOT an afterthought thumb. This […]

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Planning to Knit – Mitten Patterns With Thrums

It is not a misprint – all mittens have thumbs, but not all mittens have thrums! What is a Thrum? Before fiber becomes yarn as we know it, it needs to be spun. The puffy fiber which is used to spin the yarn is called roving, or a carded top. (To get the roving to […]

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Red and gray mittens

Made-Up Mittens Pattern Knit in Two Types of Lopi Wool

This is a mitten pattern I made up by pulling from a couple of patterns I recently knit. Once you know the basics of mitten knitting, it’s quite easy to wing it with your own designs and colors. Of course my made-up mittens don’t look great. In fact, they don’t match but they are for […]

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Clacks mittens Lettlopi wool

Knitting “Clacks” Mittens Pattern in Lettlopi Wool

When I finished knitting a recent sweater, I had some wonderful Icelandic wool leftover. About that same time I found the Clacks mittens pattern. I thought it might be perfect for using up more of the Lettlopi wool. About a year or so ago I knit a stranded mitten pattern by designer Virginia Settler-Reimer. I […]

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