My Trip to Harrisville Designs in New Hampshire

Historic Harrisville area with Harrisville Designs building

Ever since learning that yarn I buy online is spun in a New Hampshire town near where I use to live, I’ve wanted to go back to the area and visit the shop.

I had the chance to do that while on a resent visit to New Hampshire. Harrisville Designs sells Brooklyn Tweed yarn, and a lot more, but the Brooklyn Tweed is spun at that location. See this similar view in their video.

Historic Harrisville, NH mill buildings
Driving up Main St. which leads to Harrisville Designs

Even though I did some knitting years ago when I lived in a town quite close to Harrisville, I knew nothing about types of yarn and never knit with Brooklyn Tweed. After I moved away, all I wanted to do was get back to the area and visit Harrisville Designs. The quaint town of Harrisville is known for all it’s brick mill buildings.

Building where Harrisville Designs is located
Building where Harrisville Designs is located

My daughter drove us to Harrisville on a beautiful, sunny day in March. Clumps of snow still dotted the ground and it was cold enough that I wore my Cobblestone Cardigan and Katie’s Kep.

We were still wearing face masks because of Covid, as were the women working in the store. Right away they commented on my hat, which I think stands out as a hand-knit. Then they asked about my sweater, which I said was knit with Brooklyn Tweed “Shelter” yarn. They were friendly, and we chatted a while about yarns and patterns through our masks.

Brooklyn Tweed yarn display Harrisville Designs store
Display of Brooklyn Tweed yarn

Because we visited Harrisville Designs on a weekend day, and it was a beautiful day, there were no other customers in the store. Most likely people were outside hiking and enjoying the sunshine. But, that gave my daughter and I the whole place to ourselves! What a wonderful place for a fiber crafter to visit.

Inside Harrisville Designs
Inside the store – look at those floors!

We dug through buttons which were displayed in cute little trays. We admired the hand knits displayed all over the store. My daughter always chose the most difficult-looking sweater patterns when picking out her favorites. She is not a knitter and laughed at the fact that I kept saying, “That looks difficult and over my head”.

I noticed a display of Sincycle yarn which I am familiar with. I have two skeins at home in Florida which I bought online. Because I have to fly back home at some point, I had to curtail my buying, but couldn’t resist purchasing a little skein of orange Spincycle.

Spincycle yarn for sale
Spincycle yarn for sale at Harrisville Designs

A loom was set up in the back of the store with sample weaving projects. Weaving needs were all displayed in this section. I’m not a weaver, but it gave me a chance to tell my daughter about my grandmother’s loom and how I remember seeing it in her tiny house, and then it was eventually moved to the barn. Her loom may have come from this store.

Weaving loom at Harrisville Designs
Weaving Loom

Harrisville Designs famous potholder kits were on display in the weaving section. (This is an affiliate link to Amazon, I may make a small percentage from a clickthrough)

Inside Harrisville Designs where a weaving loom is for sale
More looms and cones of yarn

When we were finished shopping, we took a walk over a path that gives a good view of the Mill buildings, both upstream and down. See the upstream photo at the beginning of this post and in the slideshow at the end. The place is quite picturesque, even in the usually dreary month of March.

Mill area downstream in Harrisville center
Downstream, more of the mill yard

After crossing the footpath we crossed Main Street to visit the historic Harrisville General Store. Apparently this is the oldest, continuous general store and has been in operation since 1838.

Inside was a counter with prepared food, some empty tables, shelves with food items, and a cooler section. No one greeted us and we were generally unimpressed. BUT, it is Covid times, so things may be different when it’s not.

Harrisville, New Hampshire general store
Harrisville general store

I could have gone nuts buying yarn and patterns in Harrisville Designs, but as I mentioned, I have to pack and fly in a few weeks. I yearn to be living in New Hampshire once again and places like this make me homesick. It was a lovely day spent with my daughter, and a good memory to hold onto.

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Video About Fabric and Crafts Which are Handmade at the Harrisville Mill

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