colored easter eggs

Easter Day Treasure Hunt Reminiscing

Today is Easter and my son is grilling ribs. I made southern style potato salad and we will eat outside later. It’s hot here in Florida so I have the AC on. My other children are spending the day with their better half’s family. Did I say that right? They are in New Hampshire and […]

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lake sunapee boat harbor

Revisiting an Old Blog Means Lots of Organizing

As I prepare to write again on this blog, I am seeing just how horrible I used to be at writing. Blogging for me has been a huge learning experience and whenever I see old posts of mine, I cringe. Tags are horrible, links are missing, categories don’t make sense, and photos are not placed […]

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Trying New Things

I now have an iPhone.  It’s pretty easy to use since I’ve had a Mac desktop computer for a year now.  I’m not exactly young, and all this technology stuff will always feel foreign to me, I’m afraid.  If you are over 50 you know what I mean. Although I work online, and can understand […]

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Time to Try New Blogging Techniques

There comes a time when I say to myself; either do it or don’t.  Decide already and move on!  It’s been that way with blogging for a while now for me.  My online business keeps me very busy, and since it’s my bread and butter, I am disciplined and do it every day.  I even […]

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