Fall leaves around the lake

Photos From New England, My One Good Day

Recently (October 2018) I spent a week in my old hangout around Peterborough, New Hampshire. Foliage season was winding down, but there were lots of yellow and gold colors left on the trees, with some red around the lakes. ┬áMy vacation was a good one, but the weather turned cold and rainy after this one […]

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Fall Photography 2014

Now that Fall is about over and the beautiful foliage has mostly blown away, I have time to get my Fall photography, 2014 ready to share. These photos were taken by me and some of them were taken as I was driving. So they are not perfect, but they capture some of the nice color […]

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winter snow at lake

Catching the Winter Sunrise

Some of the most beautiful moments of my days happened when sitting at the bus stop early in the morning on winter days. To enjoy seeing the sun coming up, I’d have to leave the house where too many trees kept me from seeing anything except a glimpse of orange far off. But at the […]

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Photos and Friends By The Lake

I used to live near Gregg Lake in New Hampshire and I had the opportunity to go back there a few days ago to take some photos from some of my favorite spots. The little bridge on Craig Road always offers a nice view looking off either side, and the wildlife didn’t disappoint me. The […]

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Pictures of Fall in Spring (Almost)

I know it is almost Spring, but there is just nothing to get photos of just yet. I searched my blog for “Fall” stuff, and couldn’t find anything! Why not? I live where the Fall season is usually stunning, but this past Fall I was busy moving into my new place and besides that, Fall […]

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