snowstorm mailbox

Icy Snow Covering Everything Today

Snow covering the icy ground this morning.  Just another day during a New England winter. Winter can be beautiful, and I love seeing the snow.  Life in the north can be tough, and especially so for an older woman without a man to help out.  I’m capable of shoveling the deck and entryways.  I lug […]

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Getting Ready for the Winter Season

I can barely bring myself to say “winter” these days.  I guess we are all a bit like that – unless you were unscathed by last year’s horrible weather.  The chore of changing over to the cold season never ceases to amaze me.  Apparently my mind shut down after dealing with last February’s difficulties because […]

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deep snow

The Winter From a Frozen Hell

I’ve lived in New Hampshire since 2005. Not very long compared to many residents, but no winter has bothered me like this one. Maybe I’ve just forgotten the problems that winter brings to a run down house that still needs a lot of fixing, but this year has given me nightmares. I don’t think I […]

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Burning Wood For Winter Heat

I’ve changed some things to make burning firewood easier this year. Last year my wood was stacked and covered with blue, plastic tarps. I had to trudge through the snow to the stacks of snow covered wood, brush it off and dig it out, then haul it in through the back sliding door to the […]

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My New Wood Shed

All of us who burn wood over the winter months to keep the high cost of heating oil at a minimum, must begin gathering and stacking it long before the snow flies. This winter my wood will be stored in my new wood shed. For me, fire wood is gathered during the summer when my […]

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