View from top of mountain hike

Sharing Photos From My Trip to New Hampshire

It was a treat to visit my kids this Spring in New Hampshire. I was able to walk along some of the streets where I used to live and visit old landmarks. I had to make up for the two years since I’d traveled north. In March when I arrived a bit of snow remained, […]

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Beaver tree chewed at base

Hiking New Hampshire, So Happy To Be Here!

I arrived in New Hampshire for an extended visit in March 2021, after two years of not traveling north (thanks Covid). On the first weekend of my visit, my kids and I took a walk on a Harris Center trail, which is in Dublin or Hanock, I believe. There are a lot of trails in […]

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My Thoughts on Trees and How They’ve Changed

I’ve always loved trees. They are just so amazing in many ways. But now that I live in a place where I have to burn firewood in winter, I look at trees differently. I look at a tree like the one pictured and think, “would that be great firewood or what?” Actually, I don’t know […]

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