View from top of mountain hike

Sharing Photos From My Trip to New Hampshire

It was a treat to visit my kids this Spring in New Hampshire. I was able to walk along some of the streets where I used to live and visit old landmarks. I had to make up for the two years since I’d traveled north. In March when I arrived a bit of snow remained, […]

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spring in new hampshire

What Springtime Meant and Means to Me

Springtime in Florida is barely noticed. Possibly it means the return of heat more than anything. Spring breakers and bikers (Bike Week) have gone, and so have the Easter visitors, but I’m sure there are some tourists somewhere, or should I say….everywhere. Springtime in New Hampshire was impossible NOT to notice.   Everything became suddenly […]

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A Spring Tradition Begun Again: Fuchsia Hanging Planter

Fuchsia is a word I always spell incorrectly, but I love fuchsia flowers. And I love the fact that they enjoy being grown under a tree, since I have a bunch of those. When I first moved to a little town in New Hampshire, I discovered these pretty hanging planters and bought myself one that […]

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Another Wonderful Weekend in New Hampshire

We have lucked out with the weekend weather lately. Sunny, warm and beautiful days have actually fallen on Saturday and / or Sunday for the past few months which gives us plenty of opportunities to beautify our yards. Since I work from home, I can get yard work done any time during the week, but […]

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They’re Heeeeeere – The Black Flies Return

Black flies are the worst of all bugs.  I’ve lived in Florida where the spiders are the size of your hand.  Seriously, I have seen some enormous spiders in my life.  I’ve dealt with cockroaches, palmetto bugs and banana spiders (pictured) and I don’t like any of them, but none of them kept me from […]

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