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So Glad I Knit, What Have You Been Up To?

This post is a bit about my current knitting and the happenings in a life spent at home during a Florida summer. It’s summer in Florida, and that always means two things for sure: Afternoon thunderstorms, and hurricanes on the horizon. Hurricane season picks up in another month, but the afternoon storms are here. The […]

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spring in new hampshire

What Springtime Meant and Means to Me

Springtime in Florida is barely noticed. Possibly it means the return of heat more than anything. Spring breakers and bikers (Bike Week) have gone, and so have the Easter visitors, but I’m sure there are some tourists somewhere, or should I say….everywhere. Springtime in New Hampshire was impossible NOT to notice. ¬† Everything became suddenly […]

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St. Augustine Photos

For the past twelve years or so I have not taken a vacation. I haven’t planned a get away and just relaxed at a nice place for at least that long. This year is no different. My kids came to visit me, which has been so nice, but not at all relaxing. Siblings quarrel and […]

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I’m Obsessed With The Beaches

The oil spill (ha – spill???) is on my mind all the time. Even though I am in New England and far from the gulf coast, I know the beauty of the place and I can’t get my mind off the devastation happening there. It will be far-reaching and disastrous for everyone, yet I don’t […]

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The Junque Exchange of Deland, Florida

Getting off track a bit, but before recently¬†moving back to New England, I lived in central Florida for over 25 years. I had a friend in Florida who loved to go to the local antique shops, malls and fairs and she got me hooked on old things. One of our favorite places to browse was […]

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