Knit a Simple Hat and Scarf in Bulky Malabrigo Rasta Yarn

I had been wanting to knit something using a bulky yarn. I came across the “Rasta” yarn somewhere and decided to jump in and buy it. What I would decide to make came later.
Although I wasn’t too sure about the colors, I certainly love the feel of the Rasta bulky yarn by Malabrigo. I decided to knit a simple hat and scarf.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.30.22 AM

Two balls of “Arco Iris”

The hat and scarf in my photo was knit using only 2 skeins, but for a longer scarf, I suggest one more.
The only issue I had with this yarn is the color. I received 2 skeins of the same color name, “Arco Iris”, and as you can see in my photo, the colors are quite different.  One skein I liked, and the other was darker. I know this can happen with hand-dyed yarn. I used the “pretty skein” for the hat, and the darker one for the scarf, along with the hat yarn leftovers.
Have faith, this color yarn looks better once it’s turned into an item and the soft, plush feel is a joy to work with. If you can shop locally and see the yarn, I suggest doing that. I have to order online.

knitting divider

Simple Rasta Hat Pattern, Adult Medium

Yarn used: less than one skein of Malabrigo’s Rasta yarn in “arco iris”.

For this hat I used size 13 circular and DPN’s.
Cast on 48 + 1 , then slip the last stitch to the left needle and knit the first 2 stitches together to join in the round. This gives you a total of 48 on the needles. Or simply cast on 48 and go from there.

The pattern is simply knit one, purl one around to desired height, then do decreases at the top.

How to Decrease at Top of Hat

Knit around until hat measures about 7 inches – more or less for size needed.

Decrease rows:
1. *k1, p1 (twice), k2tog*, do that 8 times.
2. Knit around
3. *k3, k2tog* around
4. Knit around
5. *k2, k2tog* around
6. k2tog around
Cut yarn long enough and pull through remaining loops and weave in to finish off.

Finished circumference approx. 19 inches, height is 9.5 inches.

I may add a faux fur pom pom to the top.

chunky knit hat in rasta

Hat completed, with yarn left over. Use less than one full skein.

How to Make the Scarf

I used US size 9 straight needles. End measurements, 7 inches wide by 40 inches long.  I used one full skein, and the leftover ball from the hat.  (See photo above.)  This is a short scarf, so I suggest using 2 full skeins, or more if you make it wider.

Cast on using the Cable Cast on, which is like a basic cast on, but put the needle under both both strands of yarn. I have a page with videos of various cast-on methods, if you need help.
Cast on 14, or any even number.

Repeats are between the *stars*.

K2, *p1, k1* to last 2 stitches, p2
Next row and all rows: With yarn in back, slip 1 purl wise to begin the row. Each row ends with a purl and begins with a slip purl wise . Doing this makes a neater edge.
*K1b (knit one below), p1*, to the last stitch, p1.

Continue until the yarn runs out and bind off (before you run out, obviously!).

Be sure to hand wash any items made with this yarn.

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 2.28.45 PM

Rasta yarn knits up into plush wearables.

I am now working on a similar (but longer) scarf in white Rasta yarn.

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