Make the Winter Birds Happy With Homemade Suet

homemade suet in a foil pan

My Homemade Suet

Just about this freezing time of year, I usually begin to make up batches of homemade suet to feed my backyard birds. I bought some beef suet at the local grocery store and stuck it in the freezer for winter feeding and now that it’s January and finally getting quite cold, it’s time to give the birds a treat.

My recipe includes adding peanut butter and stale crackers, cornmeal and just about any other thing the birds might like to the store bought beef fat.  I usually add some old bread (kept in the freezer too) and flour to hold it all together and then cool it in a large, foil pan.

Personally, I don’t like to add seeds.  I keep the seeds in separate feeders.

Once it’s firm, it can be cut to size to fit your suet feeder or placed in a mesh bag.  I only put one piece out at a time and freeze the rest, just in case some animal comes and takes it in the night.  I had a fox eyeing the feeder one year.

Just a word of warning – your birds will love this and eat it up quickly!  The squirrels will like it too, of course.

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