Winter In Florida, Wearing My Wool!

On a recent morning my i-phone said it was 42 degrees, I dug out my hand-knit woolies and went outside to feed the birds! It was the perfect time to get some “real life” photos of me wearing a sweater, hat and mittens!

Florida backyard with me wearing my hand-knit woolies.

This is a cold temperature for Florida, but it’s been worse. I’ve lived (off and on) in Central Florida since 1979. I’ve seen freezes, rolling blackouts, and ice on trees when sprinklers are left on. Forty-two degrees is not exactly freezing, but I loved that I could dress up and pretend!

It was fun to dig through my knitwear and don my Triple-patterned watchcap, Woolfolk cowl, Farfuglar sweater, and Clacks mittens. All items were knit by me.

wearing hand knit sweater, mittens, hat and cowl

I remember how long winter months can be from my time living in New Hampshire. For all of you who live in the really cold winter climates, remember that Spring – and green – is right around the corner.

Green field and rustic roadway through tall trees of green leaves.
Ukraine forest – image from Pixabay

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