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So Glad I Knit, What Have You Been Up To?

This post is a bit about my current knitting and the happenings in a life spent at home during a Florida summer. It’s summer in Florida, and that always means two things for sure: Afternoon thunderstorms, and hurricanes on the horizon. Hurricane season picks up in another month, but the afternoon storms are here. The […]

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Two Days of Snow On The Way

Well, I have kept the path cleared to my front door this winter and it hasn’t been easy. The plow guy pushes all the driveway stuff right up into the front of the house which means I have to shovel through that. Then the roof emptied it’s load onto the front steps and that was […]

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Blue Snow

When one and a half feet of snow fell last week, I kept seeing this blue tint in the mounds. I enhanced this photo a bit in picasa to bring out the blue better so it actually wasn’t quite this bright. I am not a scientific type person, so I’ve added a link underneath the […]

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