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So Glad I Knit, What Have You Been Up To?

This post is a bit about my current knitting and the happenings in a life spent at home during a Florida summer. It’s summer in Florida, and that always means two things for sure: Afternoon thunderstorms, and hurricanes on the horizon. Hurricane season picks up in another month, but the afternoon storms are here. The […]

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Blackberry Brambles Are a Real Pain

Pretty little white flowers mean blackberries will be growing soon. I hate them. Blackberry bushes, or blackberry brambles, cover the sloping area of my backyard and I spent most of last Fall pruning and pulling them up to make room for my garden.  My backyard is tiny and they are the last think I need […]

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Summer at The Lakes In New Hampshire

With only a few short months to swim, boat, vacation and enjoy the warmth up here in New Hampshire, the lakeside communities get filled up and busy quickly. The photo below was taken a few years ago near the docks in Meredith on Lake Winnipesaukee.  (Aerial view to the right.) My “New England” blog is […]

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