Two Days of Snow On The Way

snow in walkway

And 2 Feet Coming!

Well, I have kept the path cleared to my front door this winter and it hasn’t been easy. The plow guy pushes all the driveway stuff right up into the front of the house which means I have to shovel through that. Then the roof emptied it’s load onto the front steps and that was a heavy bunch of stuff to shovel. Now up to 2 feet of snow is expected over the next 2 days and I’m wondering how high I can pile the stuff and what will happen when the next batch falls off the roof?
Winter has come all at once to New Hampshire.

3 thoughts on “Two Days of Snow On The Way

  1. sharon Lovejoy

    Oh my gosh, you’ve been hit so hard.

    Our building in Damariscotta, Maine received such a heavy load of snow we had to have it shoveled off and carted away in a big truck. Yikes. I hope this ends soon and that you are well and happy.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  2. Swisstoons

    Two feet!? Well, now I guess I don’t feel so bad. We are supposed to get hit with a mere 13.7 inches.
    That’s about ten more inches than the previous high this winter. I was beginning to lucky. Guess I can abandon that feeling. If you make some hot cocoa after shovelling out, hope you’ll email me a mugful.

    Can’t someone tell your snow guy to find another place to push your snow?


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