A Spring Tradition Begun Again: Fuchsia Hanging Planter

pink fuchsia hanging basket

Pretty Pink Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a word I always spell incorrectly, but I love fuchsia flowers. And I love the fact that they enjoy being grown under a tree, since I have a bunch of those.
When I first moved to a little town in New Hampshire, I discovered these pretty hanging planters and bought myself one that was red and purple flowering. I decided to have one every Spring for the front yard. Then we lost the house and I rented for ages and my mind was not on decorating the yard, but now I’m back in Spring yard decorating mode. So I had to decide on a color. The nursery I visit is HUGE and they had hundreds of fuchsia’s it seemed and I decided to go with the dark and light pink.
It is happily growing under the beech trees out front and I enjoy seeing it there. They make great Mother’s Day gifts… hint hint.

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