Another Wonderful Weekend in New Hampshire

pile of loam with wheelbarrow and shovel

Ready to Work

We have lucked out with the weekend weather lately. Sunny, warm and beautiful days have actually fallen on Saturday and / or Sunday for the past few months which gives us plenty of opportunities to beautify our yards.
Since I work from home, I can get yard work done any time during the week, but that means working extra on the weekends and if I have plans that take me away from home, then my work will suffer.
So I love the warm weekend days too.
I bought some new hydrangea plants for the yard and have been slowly getting them into the ground.  They need the right locations according to their favorite growing conditions so I’ve been watching the sun to choose spots for them.

Also, all the so called “gardens” in this yard have been terribly neglected and need loam and compost and digging.  That is the thing that slows me down.  This old body will only do so much and then I need to stop if I have any hopes of moving the next day.  So I’m moving my loam pile a little at a time and enriching my back yard areas for planting veggies and that time is coming soon.  The growing season is so short that I always feel the pressure to get things in the ground ASAP.  My little tomato and cucumber plants are waiting to be planted.

So have a great weekend!

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