Spindrift shawl

Finishing Up The Spindrift Shawl

The Spindrift shawl was a free pattern download offered by designer Helen Stewart. I appreciate having something like this crescent shawl pattern to practice on.  The pattern is fairly simple, but I did learn how to do a picot edge bind-off.  You can read more about how I came to be knitting this shawl on […]

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Spindrift Shawl, Day 2 is About Choosing Yarn

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be knitting the Spindrift Shawl as a beginner shawl project. The second e-mail from Helen at Curious Handmade arrived today. She talks about the yarn she choose for her pretty shawl, which is by the company “Top Draw Sock” in Australia, in colorway “Peace”. I will […]

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