My Encounter With The Turd Bug

turd bug on tomato leaf
Little “turd bug” on my tomatoes.

As I was checking on my newly planted tomato plants the other day, I noticed this black spot on a leaf. I thought at first it was just a bird turd because that is what it looked like. The bluejays and chickadees like to perch on the wire cages that are around the tomatoes and I almost didn’t look further, but then I saw another one – and it looked exactly the same.

Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a bug! I picked it up and it had a hard shell that split in half to reveal wings and it flew away. Like a ladybug, but not as cute. I noticed quite a few of them and began to pick them off the leaves because I noticed that they were chewing holes.  I call it a turd bug because I have no idea what it is, but it looks like bird poop.

I’ve never encountered this bug before. If you know what it is, please leave me a message.

Update:  They are now on my potato plants too.
12-11-12 …. Also…. Thank you to the reader who said they may be the Clavate Tortoise beetle or Plagiometiona clavata. I think so…!!! Many thanks.

See more photos on my Hydrangeas Blue blog where I wrote again about this bug when it showed up again.

11 thoughts on “My Encounter With The Turd Bug

  1. Jason

    It’s 2022 and this page is still helping! I had never seen these little buggers before and they are eating my tomato leaves in Dundas Ontario, Canada. Thanks for the information!

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  3. Marti R

    Might be a Clavate Tortoise Beetle (Plagiometriona clavata). Most gardeners seem to recommend controlling them by picking them off and killing them.


  4. Marty

    Have you had any luck finding out what this bug is? I too am having a small infestation of these no named bugs but have been having a difficulty identifying it.


    1. Dustytoes

      Nope, no luck with identification. They have pretty much gone – although I did find one on a tomato leaf yesterday. The odd thing is that I don’t remember EVER seeing these before. If you find out, come back and tell me – please!


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