My First Mystery Shawl Knit Along (MKAL)

Ever see abbreviations while searching knitting yarn and patterns and wonder what that was all about? Until I found Ravelry, I was pretty clueless, but now I know KAL stands for “knit along” where knitters knit the same pattern at the same time and help each other out along the way.

“M” is For Mystery

Putting the “M” in front simply means that what we are knitting is a “mystery” to all but the designer. This MKAL (or MSKAL- because it’s a Shawl) takes place at Ravelry, with forum posts to update the group on what is happening, with photos as the project progresses… very cool! I love this idea of sharing when we are all doing the same thing.

I don’t know what made me jump in and join the knit along except that I thought it was about time to stretch my abilities. I’ve knit one complete shawl, and started a couple more, (still working on the Spindrift) but this one will be different, in a more difficult sort of way.

The pattern was on sale for $4.00 before the event began, so I thought I couldn’t loose. This is the first time I have purchased an online pattern to knit. Another reason I was interested in this project is that the item is an asymmetrical triangle shawl. It requires approximately 2 skeins of yarn, so it will be large.

I have ordered some lovely yarn from one of my favorite shops, Miss Babs, I chose the suggested “Woodbury” in yellow “Cumin” and light blue “Coventry” colors. Since I was a bit late in joining and ordering the yarn, I am still waiting for delivery. Yarn photo to come. (Update: yarn has arrived!)

yellow and blue balls of yarn

Balls of yarn are ready for knitting

June 22 – Clue #1 – Let the Fun Begin

The first “clue” (which is the beginning of the pattern) has been shared and lots of knitters have begun the shawl. I will be a little behind, but at least I have a chance to look at the pattern. It will be the most involved thing I have ever knit, so the challenge is real! Even so, there is an air of excitement that I am caught up in as (almost) everyone begins.  I’m starting with the yellow Cumin color.

The clues are given out about once a week, with the last one coming July 27th. I have a feeling I will not be able to keep up, but eventually I will get there! This will take some real concentration on my part.

An Experienced Knitter Has Created This MKAL

The MKAL is by Kristen Kapur at Through the Loops and you can find her at Ravelry, or at her website: She has so many lovely patterns and does these KAL’s often it looks like.

The shawl directions are written very well, with charts and written instructions. I can’t read a chart yet, so I prefer to follow the written lines. My printer is giving me trouble too and I will need to print out the directions.

Give it a Try, or Wait Until the Next KAL

There is still time to buy into the knit-along.  The pattern will cost $6.00 and you will be knitting with many others.  I look forward to seeing the end products done by all the knitters in this group. They can share photos on the Ravelry forum pages, which makes this knit along thing so nice.

Read more about my progress on the page, “How is the Mystery Knit-along Going?”

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