Knitting Bay's Edge shawl

Winter Knitting Bay’s Edge Shawl Pattern

Today I finally decided on the seven colors I would use to knit the Bay’s Edge Shawl pattern. I had been searching for a rectangular shaped shawl to knit. It took me days to decide which blue-green shades of yarn to use. Then there were the two contrast colors. The main color was an easy […]

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Spindrift Shawl, Day 2 is About Choosing Yarn

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be knitting the Spindrift Shawl as a beginner shawl project. The second e-mail from Helen at Curious Handmade arrived today. She talks about the yarn she choose for her pretty shawl, which is by the company “Top Draw Sock” in Australia, in colorway “Peace”. I will […]

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Nest building by chickadees

Missing Yarn Shops and Farm Stands and Unique Crafters

New Englander’s are known for their ingenuity. So many independent crafters live in the area, they have formed the  League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. This is a group of individuals who have been identified as superior craftsmen and chosen to be part of this prestigious group. They have a collective show every summer at Mount […]

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recent knitting projects

What I Have Knit So Far in 2018

Once the knitting bug bit me a few months ago, I have been nutty with greed for new yarn and new patterns to try. Here is what I have knit so far this year. (Most of these items have links to the Free Patterns.) Pom Pom Hat First photo: The chunky knit child’s hat with […]

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Buying Yarn by Fiber Type

Once we want to take up the knitting craft, there are basics to know about buying yarn by fiber type.  It matters because if you want to knit a warm hat or pair of mittens, you will want to use a soft, yet cosy, yarn for the project.  Also fibers have varying thickness, or weights. […]

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