Finishing Up The Spindrift Shawl

Spindrift shawl

The Spindrift shawl was a free pattern download offered by designer Helen Stewart. I appreciate having something like this crescent shawl pattern to practice on.  The pattern is fairly simple, but I did learn how to do a picot edge bind-off.  You can read more about how I came to be knitting this shawl on my first post here.

The fingering yarn I chose to use was from Miss Babs, in one of the Wild Iris, Yummy-2ply colors named “Sorcerer”.  It closely matches the colors in the designers image of the finished shawl, and I thought hers was lovely.

To go with Sorcerer, I chose a lavender color yarn from Mrs. Crosby called “Monkey Orchid”.  I will use that color to finish the edge.

Shawl yarn

Shawl yarn from Miss Babs in fingering weight, and lavender DK by Mrs. Crosby

Notes on the Finished Shawl

I had to reference a video about making the picot edging. (Find it on my Day 2 blog post.)

I knew I would probably not have enough yarn because my skein was shorter than the recommended length. The lavender color was attached for the picot edging and once I got the hang of that bind-off, it went quickly.

Still left, the weaving in of ends, washing and blocking. I have never blocked anything, but I have the boards to do it with. My time is taken up with the MKAL I am working on (and am behind!). So this shawl will have to wait.

spindrift shawl

The Spindrift Shawl is finished

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 4.07.51 PM

The lavender picot edging

Finally I found the photos of this finished shawl. This was a very good beginner pattern with practice for yarn-overs and doing a picot edge. It’s a small shawl so it knits up fast. Download the Spindrift pattern when you sign up for the Curious Handmade workshop. See details here.

Spindrift shawl
My first shawl knitting project

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