Spindrift Shawl, Day 2 is About Choosing Yarn

I mentioned in a previous post that I would be knitting the Spindrift Shawl as a beginner shawl project.

The second e-mail from Helen at Curious Handmade arrived today. She talks about the yarn she choose for her pretty shawl, which is by the company “Top Draw Sock” in Australia, in colorway “Peace”. I will be using yarn from my stash, which is Miss Babs’ Yummy 2-ply fingering in colorway “Sorcerer”.  (That’s it in my photo at the beginning before I did the winding.)  I may not have quite enough to finish the shawl, so I may switch to the lavender yarn “Monkey Orchid” by Mrs. Crosby.  I think they match well.

Shawl yarn

Shawl yarn from Miss Babs in fingering weight, and lavender DK by Mrs. Crosby

I am ready to knit a shawl that is easy. Once I began the Lionberry shawl, I had high hopes that I could do it. Sadly, I am frustrated with my inability to understand the instructions. I’m continuing to knit, but have changed to simple knit and purl rows in place of the intricate pattern (click the link to see how pretty this shawl is when knit correctly). My stitch count was off and I figured the pattern would end up a mess because of that.

With all the knitting projects currently in the works, I shouldn’t start another one. What can I say? The blue hat was scrapped, so I’ll let the Spindrift Shawl take it’s place.

I’m ready. The wooden size 5 needles will be used for the first 14 rows, then I will switch to the circular size 6 needles for the remainder of the shawl. By the way, I included my needle measuring gauge in the photo because I’d be lost without it. The ChiaoGoo (red cable circular needles) have the size printed on the metal, but it is tiny print. The Takumi bamboo straight needles also have the size on them, but using the gauge is just easier.

knitting needles and measuring ruler

Needles in two sizes are needed to begin the Spindrift Shawl

I do better work in the morning, so I will wait until then to begin this shawl pattern. I’ve never done the Backward Loop cast on, but it’s pretty simple.

As you knit, the body of the shawl will curl because of the stockinette stitches. It’s hard to believe, but once you get to the rows of holes, you are only 50% done! These last rows are long, but very easy to knit.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.47.57 PM

I’m now finishing up the last part of the shawl. The rows of knitting are separated by “holes” which make a lace look around the edge of the shawl.

spindrift shawl edge with holes

Knitting the bottom edge of the shawl

Here is a video that shows one way to do a picot bind off. It can be helpful when finishing the Spindrift Shawl.

Now I am working on the bind off.  I ran out of yarn, and I knew I would, so I’m making the picot row lavender.  The shawl is lumpy and bumpy, which will change once I block it.  I’ve never knit anything that needed blocking, so this will be a first for me.

picot bind off

Picot bind off in lavender

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