Pictures of a Beautiful Fall Foliage Season

fall foliage season 2012

Fall Foliage of 2012

Even though Fall has been a disappointment to me this year, I did get out and try to take some photos at my favorite spot. I drove back to the lake where I used to live and of course the sun disappeared as I began to take photos. Everything looked dull without the sun to enhance the color, but the colors just were not all that impressive anyway.

Maybe I have been spoiled by the couple of years that gave us such brilliant color, or maybe my expectations are just too high. It’s easy to miss the peak color when days turn cloudy and storms blow through at just the time you realize how lovely it all looks. Fall is the most fleeting season, and it’s a shame.

As I was driving around last weekend, I saw lots of tourists with cameras (they looked like tourists anyway) out photographing the foliage, but I wondered what they were thinking. Were they impressed? Maybe.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite New England fall foliage photos for your enjoyment.

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4 thoughts on “Pictures of a Beautiful Fall Foliage Season

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  3. swisstoons

    Beautiful foliage and beautifully composed photo of that foliage! You really should make a poster…maybe a wrap-around…of the photo labeled, “This Fall 2012.”


    1. Dustytoes

      I did make a poster of it, but I used the entire picture – this is just a crop. I wanted to get more photos but the day (sun) did not cooperate. This one was one of my first photos, then the sun totally disappeared.


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