Hoping For a Great Fall Foliage Season

yellow leaves fall

Fall Colors ~ 2009

I’m beginning to worry. Just a little. The Fall season is upon us – even if it’s only the 14th of September and the calendar says it begins the 22nd – I’m already hoping to see some color somewhere.

A few days ago my sister came to visit and brought her dog. We went for a walk out by the Peterborough dam, which of course is near water, and there was nothing going on – color wise. I know it’s early, but last year was such a disappointment that I think we are due a brilliant show this time!

When I lived near the lake it seemed that each year the color was spectacular. I took a ton of photos every time I went for a walk. Last year I had just moved into my new home and didn’t have the time to get out and take pictures, but truthfully, I did not see much to photograph. As I remember the color popped for about a week at the very end of the season and that was it. By then I think we were all so disappointed that we mostly missed it!

I’ve posted some of my favorite Fall photos on my Wizzley page. They were mostly taken in Autumn of 2009 and 2010. I hope to be adding some new ones soon.

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