Painted Turtles Grabbing Some Sun

As I was walking near Gregg Lake in New Hampshire last week getting some foliage photos, I kept hearing the “plop” of turtles leaving their sunning platforms as they heard my footsteps on the road.
I had my eyes open for the heron that can usually be found in the area, but never saw him / her,  and then I caught two painted turtles still sunning – but ready to leap at any moment. I managed to get four shots before they had had enough and dove underwater to hide from me.  As you can see, they were nervously eying me and my camera!

I’ve made this photo into a huge size poster.  You can buy it as a 53 x 40 inch size. Or just enjoy looking at it below.

turtles sunning

Painted Turtles Sunning

3 thoughts on “Painted Turtles Grabbing Some Sun

  1. swisstoons

    I bet that made a nice poster. New Hampshire turtles are better-looking that the ones I glimpse here in Michigan when I go fishing. Did you have them simonize their shelIs especially for this photo? 🙂


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