A Nomads Life, Places I Have Lived

trail in New Hampshire woods

One of the reasons I have kept this blog even though I no longer live in New England is that I have shared some of my favorite photos here.  Now I use this blog to share my knitting adventures and dream that one day I will be able to write again from a New Hampshire location.

All photography on this page is my own and is copyright protected.

When I moved from Florida to New Hampshire I had a nice house where I expected to stay for a very long time – maybe forever. I have to laugh at that. Silly me.

It didn’t turn out that way. I moved, and moved, and moved some more. I rented at four different places and lived in one house of my own before high expenses and lack of income forced me to head back to Florida.

frozen lake ice skating
Life by the lake, my son skating in the cold

My first, third and fourth homes in New Hampshire were near Gregg Lake in Antrim. I loved this area. The lake is small enough that it never gets crowded and it’s very quiet when the summer people have gone. New Hampshire doesn’t change very quickly, and I love that. After living in Florida where there are really no small towns, being part of one was a welcome change.

winter sunrise
Light at the end of the tunnel?

My first rental house was in Hopkinton and I snapped this photo of the sun rising just at the top of the hill. I lived here for a year but rent was too expensive so I moved (almost) into a condo.

The condo flooded before I could get in, so I temporarily lived in a little “camp” near Gregg Lake. It was August and we were right on the water which was nice for the kids, but it was only temporary. The condo was taking a long time to renovate and I was desperate to find a permanent rental that was decent. I lucked out when I found the duplex (photo below), where I stayed for three years.

Deep snow

This area is so beautiful. The only thing that would have made it better was if I had really belonged by having my own place. But walking was beautiful and I enjoyed the views of woods, hills and the lake. My landlady had a black lab and I would take her for walks with me.

dirt road forest photo

I’ve always loved taking photos and I used my digital camera for all of these. I never had a nice cell phone until just before I left the state. With the change of seasons, there is always something amazing to photograph in this area. Fall and winter were favorite times to get photos. I loved to go out after a snowstorm and get photos before the wind ruined things.

Trees covered with snow after a storm
Winter Trees

Because I was feeling more like a normal person – having a home helps – my kids talked me into getting two cats. Richie and Fontana loved to sit in the front window and watch the birds.

Richie was killed by a fisher cat after I moved into my own home, but Fontana is still with me. She is about 14 years old now.

my cats Richie and Fontana
Richie and Fontana

Yay, My Own Place

The house I bought (below) needed a lot of renovating. You can read about that here. I was having siding, windows and new shutters put on when we got a freak October snowstorm which brought the work to a halt for days.

October snowfall snowstorm
October Snowfall 2011

Now I am back in Florida where I deal with heat, humidity, crowds, tourists, and hurricanes. I no longer walk in the woods and take photos of the change of seasons. I blog about seashell identification and our boating trips where we attempt to catch fish large enough to eat. I write about Florida landscaping and gardening and life in general on my Hydrangeas Blue blog.

I miss New Hampshire, but I am a nomad, and my goal is to move again… back to the Northeast.

Waterfront park in Edgewater Florida

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