Photos of Spring – Tulips and Daffodils in New Hampshire

So we are all thrilled that the warm weather has arrived. We are not as happy about the lack of rain, but this next week will hopefully bring relief to the dry and dusty yards and gardens.
I’ve been photographing the plantings at my new house and these orange and white tulips were a nice little surprise for me.


White and orange daffodils.

I think that everyone takes their plants outside, if they have a porch or deck, once the weather warms up so the poor things can get a taste of sunshine! I know that my plants look very happy out there.

deck with table and chairs

Plants on the deck - they love it!

I planted the tulips and some are coming up nicely but others are looking a bit funny. This red one doesn’t seem quite right, but the color is stupendous!  Sorry, the photo is a bit blurry, but I just love that color.

bright red tulip

Red Tulip - not a great picture, but love the bright red!

I finally got the hose hooked up so I could give these babies some water. It’s as dry as a bone around these parts. I guess I planted all the peach ones together. Who can remember from last Fall..?

tulips in a rock garden

peach colored tulip flowers

As you can see, my front yard has almost no grass. I will have a lot of gardening work and landscaping to do this year.

4 thoughts on “Photos of Spring – Tulips and Daffodils in New Hampshire

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