Trying to ID Some Things In My New Yard

golden yellow tulip

yellow tulip with bee

It’s mid April, the sun is shining and it’s warm outside.  I make all kinds of plans to do yard work, or take a walk or just sit on my new little deck and enjoy watching the birds.  Then I remind myself that I will get eaten alive by the black flies.

It’s one of those days for me, when nothing seems to be right.  I can’t concentrate on work and the news on television all seems bad.  I need something, but don’t know what.  Something to look forward to maybe?

I went outside where I always go when I want to feel better, and I took my camera – the heck with the flies.  This is my first Spring in this new house so it’s the first chance I’ve had to see what is growing in the yard that I didn’t know about.  And honestly there isn’t much!

I did some planting in summer and fall after I moved in.  The tulips I planted are coming up and the daffodils were here already.

This little green planting with small blue flowers, and the tree with the white flowers are new to me and I don’t know what they are (see below).  I can’t find the book I used to have to help me identify trees and flowers in New England, so if you know, please leave me a comment.

garden flowers

Little blue flowers on a plant in the garden.

tree with white flowers

Tree with white flowers

4 thoughts on “Trying to ID Some Things In My New Yard

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  3. Swiss (@swisstoons)

    That’s a very effective shot…the beautiful vibrant flower opening against the hard rocky backdrop. It’s what makes your photography so interesting…the way iit tells a story without words.


    1. Dustytoes

      Thanks Tom. I love the color of that tulip. It is very unusual I think. But tulips didn’t grow in Florida, so maybe it’s a common color. Still, I like it. The bee just happened to be “in the way”.


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