The Chickadees are Building a Nest

Nest building by chickadees

Birdhouse and chickadee

I just noticed yesterday that a chickadee was peering into the birdhouse I’ve had hanging on the slanted post out back. I was so excited to see that maybe she was considering using it to raise a family, so I watched for a while and sure enough she went in. And another chickadee came along and he / she ? (who knows with chickadees) went inside too.

Then, today I ate my lunch outside on the deck and watched as they brought mouthfulls of grass into the birdhouse.

Chickadees are one of the most beloved birds. They are relatively unafraid of humans, and never squabble amongst themselves. They appear to be the best natured birds fluttering around the yard.

The birdhouse is one I’ve had for many years. When I lost my home, I took it (and others) with me and put them up at the various rentals I’ve had over the past six years, but no bird ever used it to build a nest.

Now that I have a home of my own, the house will be used! I think that is awesome. So I will enjoy watching the parents occupy the birdhouse, which sits just a few feet from my deck out back, and I’ll listen for the chirping of the babies one day!

I am not very good at photographing wildlife, but I’ll try to get some good shots as the babies appear.
You can see in the photo below how close they will be to my deck.

backyard deck and lawn

The proximity of the birdhouse to the deck.

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