Cat and chipmunk

Richie Is Trouble

When we adopted our two cats from the Manchester animal shelter almost a year ago, I did not know what to expect. It had been a long time since I’d lived with cats. There was a time of adjustment and at first I lost some sleep while the cats would roam the house all night […]

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cat in snow

The Chipmunk Fake Out

Some place right in front of the cats in the picture to the right, is a hole in the ground where a chipmunk lives. My cats enjoy sitting close by waiting for it to appear. Occasionally, Richie – crazy little kitty that he is – will stick both paws down into the hole and try […]

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Lazy Cat

After feeding the cats the other day, I turned around to find Richie lying down with his head in the bowl scoffing up his supper. Now that is lazy! We call him a black and white Garfield. I bet he’d like lasagna…and he’d eat it lying down.

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Funny, Water Loving Cat

One of our new kitties -Richie- seems to be fascinated with water. They told us at the shelter that he would always tip his water bowl over and then lay in the wet newspaper. We’ve caught him doing some strange things. After a long day of playing in the water, it’s nap time and the […]

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Newly Adopted Cats in Our House

Lately the kids have really been after me to get some sort of pet. We lost our little dog Rolly almost a year ago but I don’t feel ready to have another dog. It’s been nice to not be tied down with a dog and Rolly was old- 16- and very needy and tempermental. I […]

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