Richie Is Trouble

Cat and chipmunk

When we adopted our two cats from the Manchester animal shelter almost a year ago, I did not know what to expect. It had been a long time since I’d lived with cats.
There was a time of adjustment and at first I lost some sleep while the cats would roam the house all night and scratch at our closed doors, but once they began to go outside and run and play, they were better. Usually I now get a pretty good night’s sleep, but last night Richie had me up most of the night. I blame it on the moon because I don’t know what else to blame it on.

cat face

Richie aka “Trouble”

Fontana goes into the basement and sleeps quietly all night. I never hear from her until I get up and she hears me in the kitchen.
Richie on the other hand sleeps at the end of my bed until he gets antsy and then walks up to my head and sits staring at me while purring loudly… very loudly.

If I ignore him, he will do various things to get my attention such as knock over my water cup, chew on my eyeglasses, jump up on the bureau and chew on whatever he finds. His big trick is to flip upside down underneath my bed and pull himself along using my mattress!
If I refuse to get up and let him outside, he may dig his claws into my feet through the covers or dig at the side of the mattress.

Lets just say that Richie will not be ignored!

So I get up and throw him out and shut my door. That usually stops him for a few hours, but last night he kept on clawing at my door and meowing. Next, I tried the basement. He still spent much time clawing at the door, but I was able to ignore him.
So I am sitting here this morning not quite awake thanks to his antics. Once I get my wood stove going, which is in the basement, I won’t be able to shut the basement door at night and that will be a new problem.

7 thoughts on “Richie Is Trouble

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  2. killlashandra

    Well, you’ve pretty much summed up why we don’t have cats. lol My husband is SO not a cat person so it’s not likely anyway. The only reason we have an indoor dog is because she sleeps in her crate at night so there is no random prowling around the house.

    It will work out, one way or another. 🙂


  3. Kathryn

    Our cats can be pretty noisy. Sometimes they sound like elephants running thru the house. Mac likes to chew on my long hair, so i’ve learned to tuck it under my head when i go to sleep. (The only good thing about 2 nights in Orange County, the way i see it, is that i can leave my hair lying out & not worry.)

    Mac also likes to box my toes in the AM.

    But they are funny & we love them. We also don’t have any breakable knick-knacks anywhere that they can knock them over!


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