Funny, Water Loving Cat

One of our new kitties -Richie- seems to be fascinated with water. They told us at the shelter that he would always tip his water bowl over and then lay in the wet newspaper.
We’ve caught him doing some strange things.

cat paws in water

Soaking My Paws - A Favorite Way to Drink

cat in water

Richie in the Water

After a long day of playing in the water, it’s nap time and the Hangman game seemed like a good choice for a bed.

Cat sleeping on Hangman game

Hangman Makes a Nice Pillow

Move over Vincent Price!

2 thoughts on “Funny, Water Loving Cat

  1. Hilary Cooper-Kenny

    I have a cat like that…she loves water coming out of the tap, and she tips all water dishes over.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I read some of yours, I am not sure what your story is, or your loss, but I hope you keep the faith. It took me years to find my soul mate, and my self.
    I love that you saved your two cats. They will repay you over and over with love.


  2. Mountain Woman

    Wow, Richie is amazing. I’ve rarely seen a cat enjoy water that much. He reminds me of our newfoundland dog who always has his paw or nose in water. He must keep you entertained with his antics.


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