So There. Good-Bye

Yes, I am out of things to write about. This blog is getting boring for me. I haven’t been out to get photos and the ones I did get are still in the camera. This picture of my cat, Skittle, shows her sleeping up on the bookcase with her tongue hanging out. I see her […]

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cat in sink

My Kitty and The Birdbath

Skittle is my water-loving cat. She has decided that she must drink out of the birdbath each time she goes out front and especially if I am out there and spraying water to fill it. She has a bowl of clean water right inside the garage, which I leave open a bit all day for […]

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Sharing My Photos of Winter White

Short and sweet post today to show off my favorite snow, white, and winter pictures. I took these myself over the past years and they were all taken at different addresses, back when I lived like a nomad. I’m so glad those days are over, but it gave me the opportunity to check out parts […]

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Our Living Christmas Ornament – Bad Kitty

Our black cat, Skittle, ignored the Christmas tree while we were putting it up and hanging the decorations, but the next morning when I sat down to work at the computer which is in the same room as the tree, she began to climb up through the middle of it. I sat watching it shake […]

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Cat and chipmunk

Richie Is Trouble

When we adopted our two cats from the Manchester animal shelter almost a year ago, I did not know what to expect. It had been a long time since I’d lived with cats. There was a time of adjustment and at first I lost some sleep while the cats would roam the house all night […]

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