winter tree branches

A Spooky Walk in the Forest

As Halloween approaches, I thought I’d share a spooky story from my walk in the forest.  (Not really too spooky, just fun.) I love to walk in the woods with my camera because there is always something interesting to photograph. I went looking for mushrooms this fall and ended up taking pictures of some creepy, […]

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Remembering Richie at Christmas

Last year Richie was with us for Christmas and he was a pest. He tore the ribbons off the packages and wanted to be right in the middle of all the festivities. That was his personality. He seemed fearless and he was very demanding. He’d look at me with half closed eyes as if to […]

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Funny, Water Loving Cat

One of our new kitties -Richie- seems to be fascinated with water. They told us at the shelter that he would always tip his water bowl over and then lay in the wet newspaper. We’ve caught him doing some strange things. After a long day of playing in the water, it’s nap time and the […]

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