Breakfast of Eggs and Vegetables

I am lucky to live in a climate that allows for growing herbs (and some vegetables) year round. My little backyard garden provides me with parsley, fennel and peppers regularly. Because I can simply pick them any time, often I will incorporate veggies into my breakfast. Many aspects of our diet are picked apart and […]

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onion and peppers

Start the Day With a Vegetable Breakfast

Often I will start the day with a vegetable breakfast. I have a garden, and here in Florida the herbs (and peppers) grow year round. When fresh food can be found in the backyard, it is more enticing to use the vegetables. I’m still learning how to grow food here in Florida. (Read my Hydrangeas […]

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Does Snow Kill Black Flies?

Today it’s snowing and I am hoping that this cold day has caught the nasty black flies off-guard and will kill them off. Yes, it’s April (almost May) in New Hampshire and that means we can start getting a good arm work out whenever we go outdoors. It’s known as the NH wave. Already the […]

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