Start the Day With a Vegetable Breakfast

onion and peppers

Often I will start the day with a vegetable breakfast. I have a garden, and here in Florida the herbs (and peppers) grow year round. When fresh food can be found in the backyard, it is more enticing to use the vegetables.

I’m still learning how to grow food here in Florida. (Read my Hydrangeas Blue blog if you are interested in my garden adventures.) My second year of growing green peppers (yes, on the same plant – it never died) is a huge success. I am picking big, juicy peppers. Hot peppers are easy to grow, so I have an abundance of those.

onion and peppers
Keep onion and peppers in a container in the fridge so they will be ready to add to any meal

The parsley has been growing since 2016 and I use it almost daily. The onions and garlic I buy at the grocery store.

I’ve found that keeping onion and pepper in a little container in the fridge helps me use those ingredients more often. When I’m cooking, I can grab a piece and use it, or slice off what I need, which adds flavor that only comes from using fresh ingredients.

sautéing onion and pepper
Finely chopped veggies sautéing in avocado oil

Eat More Vegetables!

The herbs from the garden (parsley, fennel, basil, thyme) are chopped with the onion and peppers to create a handful of veggies to sauté. After a few minutes, I will add an egg and create a vegetable scramble.

eggs with vegetables
Get a serving of vegetables for breakfast

When I eat my special egg dish with a glass of pure cranberry juice, I feel that I have done something good for my body.

(By 2020 I have switched to a Keto / Paleo diet and do IF (intermittent fasting) so I eat my breakfast at noon!)

You don’t have to have a backyard garden (obviously) to make a meal like this.  Garlic keeps for a long time, and so do onions and peppers if they are kept in the fridge once they are cut.

Other vegetables would work well for breakfast too, like summer squash and zucchini.  I used to chop the squash flowers and add them to my omelets.

I suggest getting away from the normal cereal, bagels, toast and bacon idea of breakfast.  None of that food is really good for us.  Now that I am older and my kids are grown, I have time to chop and sauté and eat much better than I used to.  I’ve also learned to figure things out for myself so I can stay feeling well without being on medication.

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