Breakfast of Eggs and Vegetables

I am lucky to live in a climate that allows for growing herbs (and some vegetables) year round. My little backyard garden provides me with parsley, fennel and peppers regularly. Because I can simply pick them any time, often I will incorporate veggies into my breakfast.

garden vegetables

Garden bell peppers, basil, fennel and hot peppers

Many aspects of our diet are picked apart and we are warned of so many foods these days, but vegetables are rarely demonized. Corn has too much sugar, but that is about the only negative thing I remember being said about a vegetable!
Because vegetables have always proven to be good for us, I constantly try to eat as many as possible.

Frying garden peppers, beans and onions

I am not a big meat lover, and prefer fish to chicken or beef. Eggs hold so many good nutrients and provide protein to start the day and I usually eat one egg for breakfast. I used to make omelets, but these days I simply stir fry vegetables and herbs from my garden, then drop an egg into the mix, cook it up and eat! Super simple.

breakfast of eggs with garden vegetables

Once the veggies are fried, add eggs and scramble

I don’t grow onions or garlic, but I do usually add those to my morning stir fry. To keep me using these nutritional foods without all the fuss, I keep leftovers in a container in the fridge. The easier it is to grab something the more you will use it. If I had to wash, de-seed, and chop peppers at each meal I may skip them altogether. If I had to skin and slice onions, same thing. But with them sitting in a handy container, ready to chop, adding to meals is much simpler.
storing peppers and onions for later use

Keep leftover bits of pepper and onion in a container

To change it up a bit, sometimes I forego the eggs and eat apples and oatmeal. And when I have too much food in my fridge, sometimes I will eat leftovers from the night before. Fish and sweet potato fries are good for breakfast too!

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