Does Snow Kill Black Flies?


Fresh Eggs

Today it’s snowing and I am hoping that this cold day has caught the nasty black flies off-guard and will kill them off.

Yes, it’s April (almost May) in New Hampshire and that means we can start getting a good arm work out whenever we go outdoors. It’s known as the NH wave.

Already the biting bugs are plentiful and making any outdoor chores unpleasant.

You might wonder why I have two eggs in my intro picture and it’s because I had to watch my neighbor’s chickens last week while they were away and I get paid in eggs. It has nothing to do with the rest of my post, but I like to include photos. So now I have lots of eggs, bugs everywhere and a rambling post.

At least the snow has quit falling.

I worked on this picture of a cool looking moth yesterday. I had a customer ask me for something special and this is part of the order I fulfilled. The moth was in my driveway last year.

Moth on Blue

Some work I did for a customer

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