Hiking New Hampshire, So Happy To Be Here!

Beaver tree chewed at base

I arrived in New Hampshire for an extended visit in March 2021, after two years of not traveling north (thanks Covid). On the first weekend of my visit, my kids and I took a walk on a Harris Center trail, which is in Dublin or Hanock, I believe. There are a lot of trails in the area and this is only one of them.

This one is 2 miles long and makes a loop through the woods and along the water, with pretty views. I was so happy to be here where walking and hiking is fun, and the weather is cool enough to be enjoyable.

Harris Center sign at trailhead
Trailhead sign – Wish I’d read that beaver information!

For some reason I didn’t get many photos on this hike, and most were of us, which I won’t share. Maybe I was too busy skirting the ice on the paths and trying not to fall! Although the day was sunny and beautiful, snow and ice still stuck to the ground in the woods.

This trail begins in a field, where we parked in mud. March is mud season, so there ya go. There is one slight hill at the beginning of the walk, but the rest of the hike is pretty flat. It winds around a lake, or pond, not sure of the name. We saw a few ducks and geese in the water, which still had ice in places.

Harris Center trail winds by a lake which still had ice in places

The day we went there were not a lot of hikers. We met one couple on the path and saw a few more people. The most stunning thing we found (IMO) on this hike was a big tree which was completely chewed around the bottom by beavers! Why? I thought beavers chewed on small trees to make them fall to use for building. But this tree was big.

It made me wonder if they were using this wood to sharpen their teeth, or do they have some big building plans in mind? I also wonder if someone will cut the tree down before it falls in a storm.

Big tree which was extremely chewed at the base by beavers
Crazy beavers!

I Love New Hampshire

One of the most wonderful things about New Hampshire is how pristine it is. The air is crisp to breath, waterways are clear, and all the surrounding nature is a joy to behold and explore. People take care of New Hampshire land.

You can read more about the Harris Center here.

The day after this hike, we drove up north to visit the Woodstock Brewery.

The day before we took this hike, my daughter drove me to visit Harrisville Designs in the town of, yup, Harrisville. I don’t know much about the area’s history, but apparently someone named Harris made a big impression!

Clear water and big walk on Harris Center trail
Clear water

We took another beautiful, and more exerting, hike on Easter Day. That one gave us some wonderful views and I will write about it, and share photos, soon.

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