Choosing a Winter Scarf Pattern to Knit

Railings crescent shaped scarf tied around my neck
All images here are from Pixabay and do not depict the knitting projects I have linked to. First image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Some of my favorite knitting projects are winter scarves. And they are something I would wear often when I lived in New Hampshire. Usually the repeats are simple enough that a scarf project can be picked up and worked on at any time.

Maybe because it’s nearly Fall I am thinking about scarves even though I will have little chance to wear any. A scarf around the neck is just so out of place here in Florida. In fact I don’t think it’s allowed!

Most other climates are getting ready for winter and many knitters get very excited by the opportunity to plan a winter knitting project, or two, or five.

Yay for Winter Knitting!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When it Comes to Scarves, Size Doesn’t Matter

I’m not talking about scarf size here, I’m talking people size. Now that I am older, and happen to live in the worst state ever (Florida) to keep healthy (I seriously believe this), my wardrobe had dwindled.

Knitting a swatch for a scarf is usually not required. Adjust as you go for length, and width is not hard to figure either. When the winter winds blow, what is better than having a warm, hand-knit scarf around your neck?

Skinny people look good in anything, but scarves look good on all of us!

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

My scarf knitting projects used to be very simple. I once made a whole scarf with seed stitch. That took a while, but my knit stitch repertoire was minimal back then. Now I am looking for something different, something unique. I may even make up my own scarf pattern!

I’m adding some links below for future scarf-knitting reference and I already have some yarn in mind to use – see my blog post here.

Unique Scarf Patterns, Free and To Purchase

Slipped Stitch Scarves and Cowls

The slip stitch is also known as the linen stitch because the knitting ends up looking more like fabric. It’s pretty, and many colors can be combined, but the end result seems like it would be a bit stiff for my liking.

  • Mini Mania Scarf – “Free” download at Etsy. Scroll the page and find the download. Her shop shows $3.99 and Free, but she explains in the description. The download is truly free. The scarf is very pretty, and is a good way to use up scrap yarn, but I’m not sure I want such a heavy finished project for around my neck.

Reversible Scarves

Because a scarf is usually just thrown on around the neck, it is helpful if both sides of a knitted scarf look good. There are a couple of ways to knit a scarf like this. Either choose one where the pattern or simple stitches look good from all angles, or knit a tube scarf.

  • Reversible Scarves pattern book at Amazon. This book has over 30 scarf patterns and each scarf is double-sided, or looks good any way you wear it.

When searching for “tube scarf” often cowls will show up. A cowl is a long tube without any openings. I am looking for actual scarves that have two ends.

  • Stranded Sheep Scarf – This one is a FREE download at Ravelry. It’s one of the things I like about tube scarves, they can have motifs and colorwork because all the yarn carries are inside the scarf – never to be seen.

Scarves For Men and Boys

  • Rolo, scarf for men! Find this pattern on Ravelry. It contains guy colors fo black and gray, with some red. Of course, color choice is up to you.
  • Norwegian Snowflake Scarf is designed by Todd Gocken who also designs sweaters for men. This one is a Free download!
Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

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