Knitting Katie’s Kep Number Two in Earthy Colors

Katies keep number two

Because my first Katie’s Kep (hat) came out a bit large, I decided to cast on four fewer stitches for my second knit. (Find the link to the Kep pattern at the bottom of this page.) I still used a size 3 circular needle and did the Old Norwegian cast on – or something like it! I’m not sure I did it exactly right, but it looks okay.

Corrugated ribbing knit on the brim of a hat
The brim of this hat is knit in 2×2 corrugated rib

Once the corrugated ribbing was done, I increased around by four to get back to the original pattern count. Here’s how:

*Knit 33, make 1* – 4x’s around = 4 additional stitches. Total stitches are 136 now (as pattern calls for). Continue with pattern increase row.

Now I was back to the correct number of stitches needed for the colorwork. I would love to make this hat using a 2 or 2.5 US needle size, which would work out better I think, but I don’t have those sizes in a circular needle. I might have to buy them.

My main yarn used for the tan Kep is Rauma Finullgarn color 406, Wheat Heather. Other yarn used is Jamieson & Smith in colors: 4: brown, FC7: Peach / orange, FC62: green, and 133: medium purple. The colors are more subdued than what I used for my first Kep.

The fun of knitting this colorwork hat is choosing the colors. It’s probably the reason people can’t stop at knitting only one! As you can see in my photo above, very little yarn is used to make one hat. But if you choose to use J&S yarn as the main color, you will need 2 skeins.

Where to Buy Jamieson & Smith Yarn

This was the first time I knit with J & S yarn. I found it for sale, at a very good price, at Fairlight Fibers. I saved over $1.50 PER SKEIN compared to the current price of the exact same yarn at another online shop. And shipping is FREE when you spend over $50.

At this time, many yarn sellers are low on yarn, thanks to the Covid pandemic keeping people from making the yarn.

Other yarns the designer mentions in her materials section of the pattern are: Uradale (UK based), Shetland Handspun, and Jamieson’s of Shetland.


Some people don’t like wool because they think it is scratchy, although I don’t mind it. When wool is used for a hat, it doesn’t really matter (unless you are bald). I find the Rauma and J&S to be similar in feel, and once it’s washed, it feels softer. I use Eucalan no rinse wash, and it conditions the wool.

Anything made of wool dries quickly and will of course keep the wearer warm.

Katie’s Kep is a Free Download at Ravelry, by designer Wilma Malcolmson

Katie's keep crown star
Crown star

15 thoughts on “Knitting Katie’s Kep Number Two in Earthy Colors

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    1. Pam

      Thank you. If you have not knit anything at all then don’t choose colorwork for your first project! Start simple, with dishcloths, scarves, etc. until you are used to handling the needles and stitches. Hats like this Kep require knowing how to hold the yarn for even tension, and how to carry the colors as you knit. Knitting Continental and English at the same time – using 2 colors and two hands – makes colorwork knitting easier, but I certainly had to work up to that! Once you get there though, it’s a lot of fun. Good luck!


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