Honey Cowl Number Two in Bulky Yarn

Double wrap cowl pattern

This is the second Honey Cowl I have knit and this time I used bulky yarn. The color,”Rock Sparrow”, yarn offered at Miss Babs a while ago. The other yarn weights were sold out, so I chose the K2 skein because it was all that was left. I had no idea what to use it for.

Honey Cowl knitting in bulky K2 yarn from Miss Babs

This yarn has been staring me down every time I go into my craft storage room. While I was organizing my finished knitwear projects, the idea for a second Honey Cowl clicked. The slipped stitch, which is used to make the cowl, would show off the colors of Rock Sparrow nicely. I already knew it was a quick and easy knit.

Slipped stitch cowl pattern
Honey cowl stitch pattern

As you can see in my photo the texture is lovely, and the edges curl in to give the whole thing a border. These photos were taken before it was washed.

Honey cowl
The curled edge makes a thick border

How I Made It

Using a size 10.5 US, long circular needle, cast-on 192 stitches and join. Place BOR (beginning of round) marker. Follow Honey Cowl pattern (FREE) directions until yarn is nearly gone. I used up most of this bulky yarn ball.

Miss Babs K2 Chunky yarn, Rock Sparrow
Color is Rock Sparrow, K2 Miss Babs yarn

This is a very easy knit, and just about any weight of yarn works if you adjust the cast on number accordingly. Make it short, or double-wrap as you like.

See my first Honey Cowl here. I knit that one back when I first began knitting, and I used various yarns in rust orange and autumn colors.

free cowl pattern
Honey Cowl #1

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