Knitting a blue lining and doing embroidery on Keramos Cowl

Keep it Comfy, Knit the Keramos Lined Wool Cowl

Knitting with wool, using two colors, is such fun. This is called Fair Isle, or stranded colorwork knitting. I was hooked after knitting two of the Katie’s Kep hats, and some mittens for a KAL (knit-along) last winter. Now I am knitting the Keramos lined wool cowl using two colors. What I really like about […]

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My First Mystery Shawl Knit Along (MKAL)

Ever see abbreviations while searching knitting yarn and patterns and wonder what that was all about? Until I found Ravelry, I was pretty clueless, but now I know KAL stands for “knit along” where knitters knit the same pattern at the same time and help each other out along the way. “M” is For Mystery […]

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