Hedgehog Fibres "Beach Bunny" sock yarn

Ahhh Ravelry, What Have You Done?

Today I saw the changes that Ravelry made to their site over the weekend. As I opened their front page I saw the rainbow flag next to their name. Then I read the paragraph: “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of […]

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knitting a shawl

Mystery Knit Along Clue Three Changes Made, Spoiler Images

I’m blogging about my journey as I attempt to complete a MKAL (mystery knit along) challenge.  Well, for me it’s a challenge.  I have spoiler images on this page, if you are beginning this KAL! In the Through the Loops forum at Ravelry we are sharing progress, problems, questions, and ideas while knitting an asymmetrical […]

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My First Mystery Shawl Knit Along (MKAL)

Ever see abbreviations while searching knitting yarn and patterns and wonder what that was all about? Until I found Ravelry, I was pretty clueless, but now I know KAL stands for “knit along” where knitters knit the same pattern at the same time and help each other out along the way. “M” is For Mystery […]

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shade loving shawl

Trying My Hand at Knitting a Shawl

“Sock yarn” is really pretty, but I’ve never knit a pair of socks. Many knitters use it to create beautiful shawls, so I am trying my hand at shawl knitting. Since I live in Florida, when will I ever wear a shawl? Possibly walking the beach in winter … or else I’ll take it with […]

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