Personal Fireworks

I’m not much for going out to see the fireworks displays around the area, although Peterborough usually has a good show at Conval high school. We have gone there a couple of times. In New Hampshire there are some good fireworks for sale and my firefighter son loves to go nuts with them when he comes to visit…no matter what time of year it is.

Fun in NH

Fun in NH

This is what he spent his money on last year and we set them off over the course of the week. My favorites are the fountains. I don’t trust the ones that fly off (hopefully) into the air.

My son is not here for the fourth this year, so I might go down to the lake and see if anyone is having a display there. If not, it will be a quiet 4th.

2 thoughts on “Personal Fireworks

  1. killlashandra

    We’ve decided this year to head out to the mountains and look down at the city’s firework displays rather than actually go to any. I don’t blame you for a quiet 4th one bit.

    As for W.W. and his camera, he his monster truck is his favorite subject although lately he has been taking a lot of pictures of his baby brother. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the card! It came in the mail the other day. Some day I’m going to get back to zazzle too.


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