How Does Your Garden Grow?

My little garden

My little garden

With all rain and no sun??? If you live in the northeast you know what I am saying. I don’t remember ever in my life having so many rainy days in a row. To be truthful the sun did pop out for about 4 minutes the other day. So bright that I ran outside and stood there just soaking it up.

Then it was gone.

I’ve been working at the computer with my fleece sweater on as it is 64° inside and not even that outside.

Between showers I have been out checking on the vegetable garden and it doesn’t look too bad considering the lack of sunshine. I believe everything might be twice the size if only the clouds would part.

I pity the vacationers who wanted to spend time at the beaches and the beach side vendors have lost more money than they can probably make up…if the sun shines again.

I like a rainy day…even a few…but a rainy month is not good and we New Englanders are all wondering if summer will ever come to the northeast.

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