Appreciating America

Fall leaves against a blue sky

My best friend once told me that she believed that every young person should have to do mission work or volunteer work in another country at some point in their lives because they would get the chance to see how good they have it here in America.

For the most part we all take for granted our freedoms and fortune to be living in a well run and prosperous country. There is no place I’d rather live than the USA. Our young people especially are usually clueless about the prosperity and opportunities that abound. I have recently been trying to impart a sense of appreciation to my son, who like most kids, does not know how lucky he is to be able to go to school. He hates school and says he wishes he could live where there is none. The talk of an 11 year old.

We passed a school bus on the road the other day and my son dramatically ducked in the seat and said “Ahhh…get it away”. Now that summer vacation is here all school related things should be banished from sight. I can’t blame him for that. He is just a kid who would rather ride bikes and swim at the lake with his friends than read a book. So how do I get him to realize that some kids long to have a book to read. And a comfy chair to sit in while they read it. And imagine if that chair was inside a safe home.

We live near a girl scout camp and the family that recently moved in to be the caretakers of the grounds and manage the place, have some boys my sons age. During a recent visit to our house the boys mentioned that some of the counselors at the camp are from other counties and that they were so excited when they saw a school bus for the first time in their lives!

But talk is easily dismissed by kids, and I agree with my friend that a hands on environment would certainly bring about appreciation for the USA.

Have a great 4th of July and remember the sacrifices made by many, because they are the reason we are so fortunate.  I say thank you to all members of the military and their families for their sacrifice and bravery.

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