Cumulus Blouse, My First V-Neck Sweater Knit

The reason I chose the Cumulus Blouse was the v-neck construction. I thought I would use a heavy yarn instead of the designer’s choice, but the pattern really wasn’t written for wool. I ended up with something a little different. I’ve been dealing with being sick from Covid for about a month now (July 2022). […]

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Lopi yarn with Lettlopi, Alafosslopi, and Plotulopi

Discovering The Goodness of Icelandic Lettlopi Wool

The last thing you may expect a Florida gal to do is order wool from Iceland to knit a sweater! But that is just what I did a couple of weeks ago. I have now fallen in love with this wonderful Lopi wool. While living here in the jungle heat, I dream of being in […]

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Knitting The Calliope Sweater Pattern

Knitting has begun on my Calliope pullover sweater pattern (link to the FREE pattern below). Somehow I managed to pull a muscle in my neck which is causing me some extreme discomfort. The pain is keeping me from doing much of anything except sit in front of the television and knit. For that reason, my […]

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