Mad Hatter colors at the crown of the hat

Simple Hand-knit Unisex Hats For Beginners

Hats are one of the best things to knit, whether you are a beginner or advanced. All types of stitches can be used to create intricate designs, or do simple knits all the way around. My collection of unisex hat designs on this page are some I have recently knit. They are all fairly easy […]

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colorful scrappy bias shawl

Finished Knitting the Scrappy Bias Shawl

The Scrappy Bias Shawl was a free pattern I found at Ravelry (link below). The knitting begins at one point and expands outward by using increases on one edge and decreases on the other, which ends up as an elongated triangle shape. It’s very simple to work and can be knit in so many ways. […]

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Baking Cookies in Muffin Tins

Now that the cold weather is back I am beginning to want to bake and cook more. I made chili the other day and a quiche yesterday. Now, at this time of year,  it’s a good thing to warm the house by using the oven so I have more incentive to make food. I wanted […]

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Simple Dessert For Kids

I have fallen in love with this “recipe” for easy Cookie Pie. My 12 year old loves it and I love to make it for him because it takes about 5 minutes to throw together – no baking, very little clean up.  Kids could very easily make this by themselves. I don’t eat it, but […]

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